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just the two of US

What lies behind us, and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


SHE SAYS...                 HE SAYS...           

My full name is...
Katrina Gana Barzaga
Kenneth Salvador
Tabalba Kiunisala
I was born on...
May 10, 1980
Medical Center Manila
December 10, 1975
St. Luke's, Quezon City
My Parents are...
My siblings are...
Cesar Lam Barzaga &
Lourdes Carullo Gana
Karlomagno & Kristian
Frederick Salas Kiunisala Jr. &
Lourdes Manansala Tabalba
Eric, Manet, Chie, Cez & Jepoy
I am currently a...
IT Programmer Analyst
IT Specialist/Team Lead
Schools I attended are...
Philippine Christian University
Rogationist Academy
St. Scholastica's College
Ateneo IT Institute
St. Michael Elementary School
Colegio de San Agustin
De La Salle University
My ambition when I was
a child was to be... 
an architect or artist
a doctor
As a child, I earned
skills in...
drawing, sketching, & 
playing the piano & clarinet
playing basketball.. &
drinking beers (hehe!)
The person/s who influenced
me most was/were...
my mom & my cousin
ate Jean
my parents
My greatest achievement
so far is...
earning my college
degree in MIS
having my own car
One thing I regret in
my life was...
not finishing mass com in
college & having shifted course
thrice (ABMC - BSA - MIS)

not being able to fulfill one of
my dreams which is to become
a doctor.

My hobbies include...
reading & watching TV

playing basketball & play-

station, & watching TV

My favorite color/s is/are...
I love to eat...
green & lavander
native foods like adobo
& sinigang
blue, green, white & black
KFC, inihaw na isaw &
My idea of a good
entertainment is...
watch movies or musical
play, & videoke
watch movies & drinking sessions
I am happy when...
and it irritates me
people appreciate what
I have done/given..
things don't go as planned
I am with my baby...
my baby is wearing a skimpy
top &/or smoking
My special talent/s
Sport/s that I can be
good at is/are...
a little in drawing,
writing & music..
badminton, chess,
& basketball..

i can play basketball & be the
game commentator at the same
time as if there were 2 teams
playing against each other..
basketball & i'll give bowling

a shot....

My routine in a
normal day is...
BORING!!! hehe!
home - pick my baby from condo/
dasma(if monday/tuesday) - bring
my baby to office - office -
movie (if wednesday) - bring
my baby back to condo/dasma(if
friday) - home...
Goals that I want most to
accomplish in my lifetime are...
finish my masterals, work
& travel abroad, & put up
a family business
to settle down (thank God June
is just around the corner...),
have my own family and be able
to support them...
When we first met, I
think he/she was...
he's super suplado & he was a
very workaholic boss.
"d ko magiging bf to!" (haha!)
really suplada...but when I got
to know her.. nyaaaaak! she is
the exact opposite!!!
I think he/she is
really cute when...
he raps in telling me he loves
me (with actions pa!) & when
he's sleeping (minus the snore!)
she makes faces when she wants
to make me laugh..... :-)
What I like most
about him/her is..
he makes me feel very much
loved, understood & respected,
& he always provides for what
i need without me saying. :-)
her being thoughtful & loving..
most esp her being strict (at

I look forward to...

making him the first and last
person i'd see everyday of my
my most awaited event to happen
this June... guess what? my midyear
bonus, haha! of course our moment
of you so much, be :-)

two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.