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Kiunisala - Barzaga

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pictures of the bridal accessories
Pictures of the 
Bridal Accessories
nose to nose
Our initial
wedding website
our trial prenuptial pictorial
Our free trial
prenuptial pictures
our honeymoon pictures in Boracay
Pictures of our
Boracay honeymoon
(honeymoon part I)
ilocos trip
Pictures of our
Ilocos trip
pictures of ken's 2004 bday celebration
Pictures of Ken's
birthday celebration

pictures of Trina's hotel preps
Pictures of the 
Bride's Hotel Preps
Pictures of the Barzaga-Gana family
Barzaga-Gana family
Our official
prenuptial pictures
our honeymoon pictures in Bangkok, Thailand
Pictures of our 
Bangkok honeymoon
(honeymoon part II)
our puerto galera pictures
Pictures of our
Puerto Galera trip
our pre-wedding valentines celebration
Pictures of our Valentines
dinner cruise
groom's hotel preparations
Pictures of the 
Groom's Hotel Preps
Pictures of the Kiunisala-Tabalba family
Kiunisala-Tabalba family
Our pictures through the years
Our pictures
through the years
our engagement party pictures
Pictures of our
Engagement Party
Our pictures during our EDCI employment
Pictures at
Equitable PCI
Trina's dad's 57th bday
Pictures of Trina's dad's
birthday celebration

two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.