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the bride with her bestfriend

Aside from being such a hunk (doesn’t his picture speaks for himself?! and mind you, he’s still a very much available!), Oliver, Trina’s bestfriend and one of the groomsmen, who owns a family printing press, volunteered to do the layouting of their wedding invitation, missalettes and wish cards for the guests as his gift for the couple. It was the first time that such concept for a wedding invitation was done by him (as most of his job orders are the usual all words and no personalized touch). As the wedding nears, the couple’s tension, for the list of sponsors and number of invitations to be distributed with their ballooning guestlist be finalized soon, continually increased.

final layout for our front (main) and back page of our tri-fold invitation
final invitation - main cover and back page
list of wedding entourage - back invites

The wedding invitation itself took so much editing and revision to please both sides of the family with the wordings, spelling of names and the 2 pictures to include with a hundred of prenuptial pictures to choose from. After 3 mock up invites and a week of sleepless nights (and he hardly complains!), the wedding invitation was finalized and was processed for 100 copies in 3 days.. it was that fast just so that they can start distributing that weekend, with barely 4 weeks to go before the big day. It was a tri-fold invitation patterned to a post card and is glossy on both sides. Total price for the main invitation printing is undisclosed since this is a very very very friendly price and made out of so much labor of love. Since printing must be done in bulk or supposedly a minimum of 100 pieces, it was such a surprise that the final number of invites printed came to be at 150! And the 50 excess was all given at no extra cost (since they won’t have a need for them anyway but still they could have charged us with that very friendly price for atleast half of the total excess)!

preview of our wonderful tri-fold invites
wedding invitation - main cover

inside of the invitation


our wish cards for the guests

As for the RSVP card, missalettes and wish cards, the couple got the layouting and printing for free as well. They just provided for the gold paper for the RSVP card and specialty papers for both missalettes and wish cards which you can buy from any National bookstore. All wordings and designs came from the couple. The layouting just had to be done artistically and Oliver was truly one big artist with such passion for his works (and even he was amazed how the final product came out to be!). The missalettes have a picture of the church in front of it, list of the liturgical entourage inside, and the processional and recessional songs at the back pages. While the wish cards are composed of 8 different pictures with the questions in front of each (it was surely funny reading all the guests’ answers to these questions!). As for the, as shown on the details page with a touch of the couple’s story on the map itself (which made the whole wedding invitation more unique) and the directions on the other side, are printed on a bond paper and photocopied to a tracing paper.

our map insert in the invitation

In a summary, all of these were simply done, really cheaper than what most of the guests expect them to be, elegantly looking and very unique. The envelopes which were also bought from a local bookstore, sealed with a DIY sticker (it was just actually a gold paper printed with the couple’s names, church & reception venues, cut with pinking scissors and glued to the envelopes), the main invitation, with 2 inserts (RSVP card & map) surely made a very surprising impression to its limited recipients. The couple would always (and still) receive praises for their unique wedding invitation. One supplier that is highly recommended! Just in case the single ladies miss this out in the first paragraph, he is an elite bachelor who’s just taking his sweet time until he bumps into that lady who’d sweep off his feet (ayan Oliver, may free advertisement ka pa, hahaha!).

If interested, contact details are
OWNER: Oliver Ryan Velazco
Address: 113 E. Gonzales St. Silang, Cavite 
Mobile: 09202562908
Office: (046) 4148172

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